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Vircadia enables people connected by interest, community, and friendship to come together and express their creativity with each other. We invite you to personalize your own experience by creating avatars and content, or developing apps and scripts. To truly make the metaverse your own, creating your own world or building your immersive project using the free and openly licensed Vircadia engine is encouraged!
No matter your level of expertise, Vircadia provides the tools you need to create anything you can imagine.
Throughout this chapter, learn how to create, build, and bring to life your own VR experience:
Get Your 3D Model
Import Your 3D Model
PBR Materials Guide
Procedural Shaders for Models and Avatars
Import Animations
3D models are :doc:`entities <entities>` that represent objects you'd like to see in-world such as a water fountain, a castle, or a coffee mug. You can get your 3D model by creating your own or sourcing it externally. We only support 3D models in the OBJ, FBX, and glTF formats.
The appearance of a 3D model is controlled by its materials. The materials supported in Vircadia are Physically-based Rendering (PBR) materials. This means that a 3D model's materials will reflect or absorb light as they would (approximately) in real life.
**In This Section:**
All 3D models should be in the FBX, glTF or OBJ format and have materials supported by Vircadia.
On This Page
Get Your 3D Model from 3D Content Stores
There are many online 3D content websites that contain models that you can purchase or get for free. Keep the following in mind when sourcing 3D models from such sites:
**Check Licensing Terms:** Make sure you check a model's licensing terms before you use it. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient rights to use the content.


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友情や友達ではなく、「共通する趣味を持った人々」へ変更。 → Vircadia is a place where people with common interests, communities, and other connections can gather and express their creativity.

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Vircadia is a place where people with common interests, communities, and other connections can come together to express their creativity. Here, you can create avatars and content, develop apps and scripts, and personalize your experience to make it uniquely yours. To transform the Metaverse into a world of your likings, we recommend creating your own world or building an immersive project using the free and open-licensed Vircadia engine.

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